This price list is suspended through Summer, 2012. Group Skills classes are $75; Introduction prerequisite is $50.

Please contact us for additional questions, or special requests.

Lifestyle Student Discount

Become a Lifestyle Student and received the first 5 skill classes free (we strongly suggest you select the core series).  All additional classes are then only $120/class.

The Lifestyle Student discount can be payed for outright ($600) or in two payments of $300 each (call us to arrange partial payment).

The first 5 free classes must be taken within 6 months of signing up for the discount.  Free classes must be scheduled with a person rather than online.

Other Discount Options

Work-trade and volunteer opportunities are available to previous students and those on a limited budget (call for more information).

Private group classes are $155/person for 4 hours. Find 6 people to come and pay $120/person with the 6th person (you) free.

Refer your friends and receive 15% of their tuition toward classes of your own at Rawfood Central.

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