Raw Food Classes

Our classes are hands-on, fun, skill-building sessions.  You'll get your hands dirty and learn a whole lot.  The following is a list of our regularly taught classes.  We also have guest chefs teach classes, Special Discounts, and we add custom classes at request.

All of the classes at Rawfood Central include:

  • instruction handouts
  • recipes
  • ingredients for the class
  • hands on practice
  • flavor tasting & balancing experiences
  • proper handling and instruction with kitchen tools and machines
  • take home creations to share what you've done in class!

Introductory Class

(3.5 hours; $85/class)

This is a prerequisite course. It is full of helpful tips and tricks even the most experienced raw food chef will enjoy.  Please contact us if you truly feel you do not need these courses.

  • Introduction to Raw Foods + Soaking & Sprouting Discuss the healing benefits and science of organic, vegan, alkaline, living foods: vital energy, weight loss, reduction of inflammation (arthritis, allergies, injuries...).  Visit a well-stocked kitchen; examine tools and machines selected for effective and efficient creation of this radiant cuisine. Participate in Almond Milk Chai demonstration, share a snack and set personal learning objectives.

    View sprouted seeds and nuts at various stages of growth: soaking, germinating, sprouted. Understand the necessity and benefits of releasing the life force of protein, nutrient fuel, and flavor dense foods for use in salads, pates, crackers & breads, green drinks. Design your kitchen space to be an efficient indoor garden for inexpensive yet hugely powerful ingredients. Eat sprout snacks and join in discussion of your particular needs and interests.

Culinary Skills Classes

(4 hours; $155/class or $120/class for 5+ classes)

  • Core Skill Series

    • Breakfast & Smoothies Overview of alkaline food and super foods. Multiple demonstrations of recipes: oat groat porridge, energetically satisfying green drinks, creamy and luscious fruit smoothies. More recipes than demonstrations. Sample all the foods to share a delicious meal together with other students. Evaluate the experience, form support groups for changing eating habits.
    • Salads & Dressing 1 Empowerment! The Coup de Gras of classes. The heart of the Living/ Rawfoods diet:  Salads. Experiment with multiple tools and machines to make meal preparation beautiful, fun, and delicious. Practice many recipes: Caesar Salad, Creamy Spicy Thai, Herb Tabouli, coconut mayo, and Kathryn's famous Massaged Kale Salad. Various options (nearly infinite) for original salad dressings that make your personal taste buds cheer in ecstasy! Change your view of "Just a salad, please" FOREVER! Bring your take home containers for the ample family  "leftovers"!
    • Warming Soups & Pates Think you’ll miss Warm Food? Fear you won't get enough protein or you'll still be hungry on a vegan living foods diet. Not-Necessarily-So!  Open yourself to hear the opposite. Good fats. Healthy, nutrient dense fats are satisfying and filling. A little goes a long way with crackers or salad. Put them on romaine and have a “handwich”. Various ingredients reviewed, multiple recipe demos: Mock Tuna, Pecan Pate, Sun dried Tomato Pate, Pesto, and others.  Enjoy a feast afterward with enough to take home to convert new “raw food enthusiasts” at home.
    • Dehydrating Foods 1 What fun! You like to work with your hands? You love the smell of things baking in the oven? Do it raw! Learn to use an Excalibur Dehydrator. We have several. Hands on practice making: Flax Crackers, Granola, Rye Bread, Almond Bread, Cacao or Cinnamon Biscotti: two half days for the full experience of seeing the full drying process and harvesting techniques. Short class suggests picking up of food products at your next class. Dehydrators may be available for purchase.
    • Desserts 1 Hardly needs description. Learn to make healthier amazing alkaline desserts: Vegan, no wheat or cane sugar. Yes, transitional nut fats are satisfying. Oh yeh!  Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Pie, Fruit Cheesecakes, Cobblers, Cacao Mousse, Apple Pie and Ice Cream (in season) and other treats selected by participants. You can have you cake and eat it too!!!
  • Advanced Skills Classes

    • Salads & Dressing 2 In this class we will continue to explore different ways to make you love salads.
    • Dehydrating Foods 2 Continue to explore different recipes and ways you can utilize a dehydrator.
    • Desserts 2 Can you every run out of desserts to make? The possibilities and preparation techniques are endless.
    • Pizza and Pastas Delicious and Satisfying! Brought the house down at our October Potluck! Make crusts, pesto, marinara, spicy pizza sauce, and nut cheese for large and mini pizzas. Use the Spiroli to make vegetable pastas. Feast together and take some home to share.ur-own-health! Reward yourself for your remarkable transformation into a sustainable Conscious Eater.
    • Burgers & Fixins Craving some American cooking, but not sure how to do it healthily. Learn how to make delicious burgers, kale and sweet potato chips, ketchup, onion bread and more items perfect for an all-American picnic.

Specialty Classes

(2 hours; $60/class)

  • Intro to Raw Chocolate Oh my, so Gooood! Raw Cacao nibs and/or powder, cacao and coconut butters. Creamy, luscious texture delicately flavored with: orange/ raisin, ginger, nuts, fruit, mint, cayenne... Infinite variations as well as shapes and molds for beautiful confections. Watch for special offers for large group "collaboratories" to make chocolates together.
  • Fermentation & Kombucha The art of fermentation has been passed down through the generations, learn how to do it at home.
  • Detoxing Come learn the eye opening benefits of healing & detoxifying cleanses. Numerous optional methods presented will surely inspire action.
  • Knife Skills & Equipment Practice Learn techniques for safe and efficient tool and equipment usage. A highly requested class and helpful in all kitchens.

Guest Chef Classes

(4 hours; $155/class)

Learn new tips and techniques from experienced raw food chefs as they expose us all to new ways of healthy eating.

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