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Kathryn Ackland is the owner, and principal chef/instructor at Rawfood Central Sebastopol, is a graduate Associate Chef of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Ft. Bragg, CA. and of Gabriel Cousens’ The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center’s, Café Chef Apprentice Program in Patagonia, AZ. She has a passion to feed people and invites all to share her path toward vibrant health and peace on earth. 

Kathryn has designed RFC as a means to share her vision with the many conscious eaters drawn to align in a common awareness and appreciation for the healing power and peaceful enjoyment of organic plant based cuisine.

RFC’s handcrafted recipes for organic, vegan, alkaline food are featured often in local Sonoma County: coffee and teashops; restaurants; and community events. 

Kathryn has a Master of Arts degree in Social Development from the University of Minnesota and has enjoyed a long and diverse career of activism and service. She’s often been catalyst in a variety of cutting edge social & business policy areas. 

A living food lifestyle is a radical social and change strategy for personal evolution and development in Kathryn’s eyes. Becoming more conscious eaters empowers us to take control of our health while stewarding the ecological sustainability of our community and the planet. Kathryn wants to make healing live vegan foods accessible to all interested, by sharing her example and knowledge of delicious, beautiful, energizing and simple cuisine. 

In the year 2000, Kathryn set out to regain her customary good health after a major set back due to Graves Disease. With much personal voluntary effort involving yoga, exercise, and a diet of fresh organic, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, Kathryn turned her health around. She now is committed to assisting others achieve their own desired standards of optimal health. 

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